A device for walking training.

Most recently appeared on the world market a fundamentally new suspension system, the idea of which belongs to a mother who wanted to give her chained to a wheelchair her son a chance to go. The idea of such a “harness” was born out of her own “pain and despair”, but it can make life easier for countless families who have children with disabilities.


An Israeli Debbie Elnatan (Debby Elnatan), a music therapist, whose son Roem suffers from cerebral palsy, says the idea of such a “harness” was born out of her own “pain and despair”, but it can make life easier for countless families who have children -Disabled.

She came up with this to her son Rotem could stand up straight and being fixed with special straps to walk with her.


After a while, one company finalized the Northern Ireland invention Ms. Elnatan and prepared him for the international market release.


Leckey The company has long been engaged in the production of equipment for children with special needs, and after successful trials in the United Kingdom and North America hanging Firefly Upsee system entered the world market.

“I am very pleased that this product is now available to families all over the world”, – said Ms. Elnatan, who was present at the official presentation of his invention on Leckey factory in Lisburn.


This device allows children with cerebral palsy in an upright position and walk, being “fastened” to the mother or father.


Вот как выглядет Firefly Upsee / jewishbusinessnews.com


“When my son was two years old, the doctors told me that” he does not understand that he has his feet.'”

“I, as a mother, it was very hard to hear that. I began to lead him by the hand, I did it every day, and it turned into an extremely difficult task for both of us. Upsee idea was born out of my pain and despair, but I am very pleased that it has become a reality. “

Upsee System allows young children to stand up straight and regularly therapeutic walking with an adult.

This system includes a bandage for a child who is attached to his belt, put on an adult, as well as specially designed sandals that allow adults and a child to take steps at the same time, while leaving your hands free to play and perform other tasks.

Designers, engineers, experts in textile materials and the doctors of the Firefly team Leckey companies working on this project since 2012.

Mora McChrystal (Maura McCrystal), mother of five from Jack Dreyperstauna in Northern Ireland, one of the first women in childbirth has tested the invention on himself.

“Last Sunday was an important day for our entire family, because then for the first time, Jack was able to play football in the yard with his dad, brothers and our dog Millie,” – she said.

“I was very touched when I saw that Jack plays like any other child of five. Jack and his brothers very much. “

Clinical Research Manager and occupational therapist Claire Keynel Firefly (Clare Canale) believes that this invention will help many families around the world.

“From a practical point of view Upsee system is able to improve the quality of life for families with children with special needs. In addition, studies suggest that in the long term, it can contribute to physical and emotional development of these children, “- she explained.

“We were impressed by the achievements and happiness that brings Upsee. Seeing the children for the first time perform simple actions, such as a ball game or a game with his brothers and sisters, in itself, surprising for all participants, and especially -. To members of their families “


Original publication:Upsee harness: Mother’s invention to give disabled son chance to walk will help countless other families following worldwide launch

Published: 03/25/2014

(“The Independent”, United Kingdom)

NOTE: The author’s website “Anneli”

I am very glad that the ideas are in the air. I have the same device recommended for children back in 2010. I allow myself to write a comment without claiming authorship of development.

So the development of a device for children with cerebral palsy walk

Watching “not walking” children with cerebral palsy found out the next – not only do they not know how to go … They do not know how to walk.

See how learning walking year-old child. He gets up, falls, tries to take a step back down, wagging his head, watching others, rises and falls again, and so hundreds of thousands of times is not included in the head CONGENITAL WALKING PROGRAM.In children with cerebral palsy, the program either damaged or missing. Therefore, it is necessary to turn out for yourself. However, how many steps you can reproduce the movements with the child in the night … 10-20-200. Alas this is not enough. Who else but a parent can dictate WALKING PROGRAM.

 A pale reflection of a simple undertaking is hippotherapy, dolphin, sobakoterapiya, Lokomat, etc.

The first steps in this device, some kids cause a denial, and sometimes tears. Do not worry this is a common reaction of the child with cerebral palsy in the new conditions.

After a few steps you will feel the absence of the child’s resistance and then a little help from his side. It is no secret that exercise should resemble a game. For example, you can kick the ball or go to the interesting subject. First there will be too heavy and you will increase the load on the spine.

Think about massage his back. When the effect of different forms of cerebral palsy is different.

Start with one year of age.

Good results can be in non-ambulant children with hemiparetic form and spastic diplegia. Children with double hemiplegia, atonic-astatic form and hyperkinetic form can only improve the skill of walking.

But we should not despair, it is possible to use other aids. Write about the successes.

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