Medical acupuncture (Part 2).

Medical acupuncture (Part 2)

A reasonable question arises, why such a perfect method is less common.


There are several reasons:


  • Sometimes too many injection points are used and children are very afraid of this procedure. In fact it is enough to use no more than 8-10 points during the session. Painfulness can be minimized by pre-application of analgesic cream to the skin. The amount of injected drug should not exceed 1-1.5 ml per visit. Also the drug should be diluted at a good anesthetic. However, working with children with cerebral palsy, you should take into account some nuances. For example, «facial dolorosa» to any medical manipulation, especially unfamiliar one. It would seem that the procedure is not so painful, but there are cries and tears heard everywhere in doctor’s office. Please be aware that often this «pain» is not true, but it’s just a child’s reaction because of the nature of his disease. Children with cerebral palsy are very artistic. Usually it is easy to calm them down by switching their attention to the topic of their interest.


  • Doctor’s personality is very important. The doctor should be interested in the child’s treatment outcome. Not everyone can undertake realization of the method as in addition to a certificate of neurologist, one should also have a certificate of acupuncturist. However the topic of medical acupuncture is barely touched on at acupuncture courses. Unfortunately most of our pediatric neurologists do not offer help in cases of cerebral palsy; they only prescribe drugs and assist with execution of documents to obtain disability. A myth that any impact on biologically active (acupuncture) points may cause child’s convulsions adds no popularity to the method. It is not true. Do not be afraid of convulsions of a child with cerebral palsy. Convulsions and cerebral palsy – it’s a separate matter for discussion.


  • Requirements for the procedure. It should be a room for medical procedures. Therefore it is medical hospital or private medical room with all license requirements. There must be a device to search for biologically active points.


  • Bureaucratic aspect. How do you call a procedure if it is not included in any classification of paid services? What documents should regulate this work? How to control specialist’s employment in units, in minutes, in percentage terms? How much can it cost? To what kind of assistance does this service belong? All these «overarching» moments start to push the medical officer for the necessity of thinking. So he may think that it is better «not let it go» …..


The method is really effective. But it is not a panacea; it is only a part of amazing mosaic which is called proper rehabilitation of cerebral palsy.

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