Tsvetkova Veronika Gennadevna


Medical psychologist of the highest category


Behavior problems of children:


    • autism (child closed his inner world becomes for him a kind of refuge from the people and the outside world)
    •  aggressiveness (The child gets along with other poor children, often manifests compassion for other children)
    •  disobedience (The child does not listen carefully, does the opposite. Not the ability to sit still, focus, the child in a hurry to do everything at once, it usually leads to the opposite result)


Emotional problems in children:


  • diffidence
  • low self-esteem
  • shyness
  • anxiety
  • fears


Family problems:


  • развод (The familiar world of the child, where are mom, dad, and I’m falling apart, you need to build a new world)
  • the appearance of a second child (Now there are other people who love the parents, “but what am I?”)
  • the appearance of his stepfather, stepmother (How to find a common language, how to learn to trust each other)
  • death of a loved (Tragedy, how to report it to the child and whether or not?)
  • stressful situation (How to recognize and teach the child alone to fight it)
  • changing of the living place (Everything is strange, I do not find new friends)


Communication problems:


  • admission to kindergarten or garden change(Aid in the adaptation)
  • school failure(How to divide their time)
  • difficulties in communicating with other children and adults(Assistance in overcoming barriers to communication)


Psychological testing:


  • The level of development of memory, attention, thinking, intelligence (IQ);
  • the level of readiness for school.

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